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The Choir

Broughton Community Choir is not a conventional choir. We welcome everyone even if they think they can't sing. The emphasis of the group is on having fun while singing. We offer a supportive environment for anyone wanting to develop their singing skills and find that the choir is enjoyed


The choir

both by beginners and by more established singers who all enjoy the pleasure of singing together. Reading music is not necessary as all our songs are taught, but music is provided for those who prefer and support is given to those who need help developing music reading skills.

The choir is run as a series of sessions alternating between Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Some people come to all the sessions, some for just the Tuesday or the Wednesday nights, and some just are more infrequent visitors! Guests are always welcome to come for a single night. This



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produces a friendly group who sing with pleasure and enthusiasm which in turn makes for an uplifting experience, and a really nice sound!

The Music

We sing a wide range of music. Some of the songs we sing are in parts, either in traditional Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, or just with different sets of people singing different lines. We also sing a lot of rounds that build up people's confidence and are great fun to sing. We always sing unaccompanied which people think is hard, but actually in this kind of group it works very well, and it is excellent for developing the confidence of singers.

The music we sing covers a lot of different styles too. This includes songs from Britain, Eastern


Martin who leads the choir

Europe and Africa, folk songs, spirituals, protest songs and pop songs. The main criterion for choosing music is that it should be rewarding to sing. 

The People

The choir is made up wide range of people. We have had singers ranging in age from 15 to 80, and from all walks of life. Some of them are experienced singers, but many of them have never sung in a choir before.

The Place

Sessions take place in the Broughton Parish Room on the road between Eccleshall and Loggerheads in Staffordshire. Click here for directions.

The Cost

The sessions are run in blocks, and people can pay either for a whole block or on a session by session basis. The costs are detailed on the 'sessions' page.

More Information

For more information, contact Martin on, or phone 01630 620220.


Thank you to Jenny Tuck for the photos.


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